Super Funny VIP - Spring



Introducing our Super Funny VIP Membership, tailored to elevate your comedy club experience with exclusive perks:

- Skip The Line! (only 4 guests can come with you)
- 10% discount on drinks
- 10% discount on Super Funny Merch

*Seat upgrades are also available

Upon enrollment as a VIP member, authentication at the entrance requires presentation of both a valid ID and the associated email address for verification purposes. Please note that VIP memberships are strictly non-transferrable.

VIP memberships are structured on a three-month basis, with four enrollment periods throughout the year:

1. June 1st - August 31st 2024
2. September 1st - November 30th 2024
3. December 1st - February 28th 2025
4. March 1st - May 31st 2025

Enrollments are accepted throughout each respective period, with all memberships concluding on the last day of the respective three-month period. Opting for an annual membership presents an opportunity to enjoy savings over the course of the membership term.

Kindly note that upgrades to VIP status are subject to availability and are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.